Success for any company relies on a strong communications technology plan. Whether it’s how to get e-mail services to employees or sales orders to customers overseas, internet access becomes a mission critical business service.


Enabling corporate communications hinges on building robust network technology to work with scaleable internet infrastructure like Ethernet Internet connections.

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Custom Solutions for Ethernet Internet Service

Geared toward solutions that meet current and future business needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution for an Ethernet Internet connection, enterprises big or small can take advantage of Ethernet services from 3Mbps up to 20Mbps (with short distance copper or any distance fiber, connection speeds will be higher).

Businesses need only pay for the bandwidth needed rather than purchasing additional larger pipes which only wastes capacity and money.

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Today rates for Ethernet Internet access are very low, but the real value comes in the experience of the Internet technician installation experts.

Each can evaluate capacity and recommend solutions that will meet today’s business demands, while simultaneously allowing for expansion tomorrow.

Building Robust Communication Highways with Ethernet Internet Access

Ethernet Internet has built the capacity for business communications for both new and established businesses. The demands of growing a business require managing costs and delivering capacity to the right resources. So, a communications partner with a different model like Internet T1's Ethernet Internet service makes a lot of sense to many businesses.



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Rather than simply selling network connections, Internet T1 leverages services specially configured to help companies of any size grow, by:

• Offering easy expansion packages for existing Ethernet sites to add additional bandwidth,
• Providing super high-speed connections (up to 10Gbps) for Fiber users,
• Offering speedy and professional installation services for Ethernet or Fiber services,
• Boasting superior reliability with less than 1% packet loss.

Investing in a Reliable Ethernet Internet Service Supports Profitable Growth

Downtime impacts the bottom line, erodes the confidence of customers, and cuts short new business opportunities. Reliable Ethernet Internet connections with low latency rates, like less than 65 milliseconds help keep business moving forward in the right direction. Information that is transferred from office to office with -1% or less of packet loss will keep customers happy and business opportunities be consistent.

Achieving reliable Ethernet Internet access with a foundation of high quality attributes is only made possible by using industry expertise, equipment like Cisco products and employing the most skilled and experienced support staff to reliable resource that will help businesses continue to thrive.

  • Ethernet 5 Mb from $599
  • Ethernet 10 Mb from $799
  • Ethernet 20 Mb from $999
  • Ethernet 50 Mb from $2500
  • Bandwidth Statistics Online
  • OC192 Network
  • Sonet Ring Technology
  • Managed Routers Provided
  • Cisco Technology
  • DNS Hosting
  • Installation Guaranteed
  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Highest Quality T1 Internet
  • Ethernet Provider 5 Mbps
  • Ethernet Provider 10 Mbps
  • Ethernet Provider 20 Mbps
  • Ethernet Provider 50 Mbps
  • Static IP Addresses
  • USA NOC Support
  • Installation Assistance
  • Secure & Monitored 24/7/365
  • Lowest Latency, More Uptime
  • BGP Peering

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