We use only Cisco equipment and they will be rack mounted, wall mounted or tray mounted. The selection depends on the circuit type and your technical environment.

IP addresses:
With Dedicated Internet Access we provide 8 static IP addresses included with your order. If you need more IP's, policy requires that we receive an accurately completed IP justification form. ARIN (American Registry Internet Numbering) requires justification for blocks larger than 32 ( /27 ). Download the form here.

  • 1 Static IP address for SSL or other = $10.00/Mth
  • 8 Static IP's ( /29 ) = $25.00 Monthly
  • 16 Static IP's ( /28 ) = $32.00/Mth
  • 32 Static IP's ( /27 ) = $50.00/Mth
  • 64 Static IP's ( /26 ) = $75.00/Mth
  • 128 Static IP's ( /25 ) = $128.00/Mth
  • 256 Static IP's ( /24 ) = $256.00/Mth and requires a minimum 20 Mbps Dedicated Internet Connection per 256 ( /24 ) block.
  • * Wholesale rates are available to applicable customers, enquire with Sales.

Additional technical support:
In some cases we are prepared to support your network with written consent from you. In this case it is considered additional support and must be billed at our standard hourly rate of $150/hr. (2hr Minimum) + $50 call out fee. Advanced technical support $175/hr. (2hr Minimum) + $50 call out fee is needed when working on specialized servers and hardware i.e. advanced routing, firewalls, Linux or Microsoft server. In most cases this advanced support can be performed remotely. GLOBAL IT must confirm the hourly rate with you in writing prior to performing any work on your behalf.

Redundant connection:
The backup connection is considered true network diversity and will utilize a different set of IP addresses. So if you are running a VPN and need to maintain your VPN tunnel for your work you should configure your VPN to connect through the backup connection if the primary connection fails.

Installation time frame:
On Net, Co-location / Data Center Ethernet connections can be installed within the same day, however are often dependent on the building facility coordinator to organize the cross connects and this can take up to 7 days. Off net T1, Ethernet and DSL connection installation time frame will range from 20-25 business days for expedites and 30-35 business days for standard orders. Expedite requests can be made for $1000 onetime charge per circuit, these charges are applied for expedites by our local loop providers or 3rd party technicians.


Time Frame:
After your order is placed you will be contacted by an InternetT1 project manager. The project manager will exchange contact information, require details and specifics about your requests and send you a summary outline plan of the website project. Once you confirm our plan the date of start and completion can be determined. Typical standard websites can be completed within 2-4 weeks, more complicated websites typically take up to 3 months and advanced websites can go over the 3 month time frame. If you would like the project to be completed within a certain time frame, please advise the project manager with your information.

Can I add additional video, sounds, flash, images etc.
You can add whatever you want to your website, you are not limited in any way. We will advise you if there are additional costs and you may be required to provide a 75% payment prior to having us start the work.

We require a minimum 75% deposit prior to starting any work and then the final 25% prior to taking the website live. Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You do not pay us until you are satisfied with the end product. Deposits are fully refunded if the project has not started and is cancelled within 30 days. If you decide to cancel the project with us and we have already commenced work we will cease work and refund you the difference, therefore compensating us for the initial work performed.

100% Guarantee:
You do not pay us the final payment until you are 100% satisfied with the end result. If you have any questions or claims please work with your project manager or contact support@internett1.com.


Hosting fees include:
Annual domain name registration for 1 x domain and a website/email hosting account. (Add on domains are $5 /mth for each domain and include DNS zones etc). Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information http://internett1.com/termsandconditions#webtc

SSL Certificates:
SSL certificates must be purchased separately by customer or through an approved order and charged to your account. SSL certificates require 1 static IP address $10.00/MTh and the hosting account may need to be upgraded in order to support the shopping cart & merchant providers.

Late Payments:
Customers will be charged a 5% late penalty for any invoices which are found to be overdue. If customer continues to ignore our efforts to communicate with client concerning payment of services provided we may be suspend your account until payment has been received. A $75 charge will be applied for re-establishing service to your account.

No Spammers:
We are non-spam compliant and follow strict rules to comply with up to date industry spam rules. We do allow email newsletter mailers, providing you follow industry rules and guidelines. If you are found to be spamming, we will notify you to correct you prior to disabling your service.


Conveniently geographically positioned within the most technically ideal locations our co-location space is available in all sizes from 1u to multiple 42u racks. Security clearance is required in order to gain access into our facilities. All our colocation facilities are located within one direct cross connection to more than 300+ major peering networks. Internet connections are provided to you by multiple GIG level connections directly into the Level 3 (primary) & Savvis (Backup) networks running BGP through our redundant data center switches. Power is supplied by DWP with fail over to building generators and our own UPS as an additional layer; power testing is performed regularly and does not directly affect your service.

Server Placement:
Unless otherwise arranged, customer shall ship or arrange delivery of equipment to a GLOBAL IT office for inspection and preparation prior to installation. All installation or removal of equipment will be supervised by a NOC technician.

  • For Los Angeles Colocation / Data Center's (LAX1, LAX2):
    • If your server requires pre-configuration ship to: GLOBAL IT/MIKE KNIGHT, 18141 Beach Blvd # 200, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
    • If your server or equipment is ready for installation ship to: GLOBAL IT/TONY WILLIAMS, 6720 Bright Ave, Whittier, CA 90601
  • For Newark New Jersey Co-location / Data Center (NJ1):
    • Contact your account manager for more information.
  • For Phoenix AZ Co-location / Data Center (PHX):
    • Contact your account manager for more information.

NOC Support:
To request support you should work with your account manager or submit a request through our portal, ticketing system or email nocsupport@internett1.com or call (877) 822-5565 x 1. For remote hands, requests will be performed within 4hrs Advanced technical requests will be performed at an arranged time. Escalations can be sent to noc@gblit.com and will be handled by the lead supervisor.

Technical Assistance:
We are here to help you. After all we have the expert technical knowledge and understanding of colocation, datacenter environments, servers, routers, switches and other hardware. If you need assistance with your move in we will help you out in any way we can. Standard free technical support includes hardware inspection, reboots etc. Advanced paid technical assistance includes hardware parts replacement, software fixes or when a technician is needed to go into your software or hardware to replace or fix it per your request. Advanced Technical Assistance pricing is $175.00/hr.

Fully customized solutions: All data center solutions are fully customized to the user.

E-mail: info@internetT1.com