How to Choose the Right Internet Connection for Your Business

Internet Connection Los AngelesWhen searching for an Internet service provider for your T1 Internet connection, it is important to understand what is being purchased and what to look for. Many businesses in Southern California need top performance and reliability from their Internet service provider since constant connectivity is so critical nowadays. If performance and reliability goals are not achieved, businesses could lose a lot of money. Because of that, it's important to make the decision of choosing a Los Angeles Internet service provider very carefully.
First of all, it is important to note the difference between purchasing T1 Internet access instead of DSL or cable. Although DSL and cable often have very high download speeds, upload speeds are typically very limited. Also, cable Internet speeds are often limited due to overall usage by other subscribers in the area. This makes them impractical for businesses that need high upload speeds. Most will need to consider a T1, with guaranteed speeds that begin at 1.544 Mbps for both uploads and downloads.

Before you make a final decision on your Internet connection, it might be a good idea to know exactly what a T1 connection actually is:

• A T1 connection is an Internet connection that is widely used by businesses in the US. While there are many other connections these days, the T1 connections are the most reliable connections used for businesses.
• The reason for this is that a T1 Internet connection is a dedicated connection that is direct from your business to the nearest ISP point of presence commonly known as a C/O or central office.
• Another reason that a T1 connection so appealing is that the T1 connection is not shared by anyone else, allowing it to be more secure and dedicated to your business alone.

If speeds of greater than 1.544 Mbps are needed, multiple T1 lines can be bonded together to form a higher speed connection. For example, a 3 Mbps connection to the Internet for both upload and download speeds can be created by ordering two T1 lines. As business grows over time, additional T1 lines can be added in order to scale for growth while maintaining speed and quality. All of these reasons show that businesses should consider a T1 from a good Los Angeles Internet service provider such as Internet T1 and not consumer grade solutions like cable and DSL.

T1 Internet Connection Los AngelesThe philosophy at Internet T1 is to embrace the new technology available in Internet T1 connections and help businesses flourish with the best speeds at the best prices.

As far as the cost goes, you will find that the range for a T1 connection can be quite vast. A basic T1 Internet connection will typically cost a business around $300 per month. However, if you have two or more T1 connections or if you are in certain geographical locations, your T1 connection could cost more upwards of $800. While this can be a very steep price to pay, with the T1's reliability and performance, the price you pay for your connection will be money well spent.

Essential For Online Business

There are plenty of things a person has to do when it comes to starting up or running a business but one thing that is becoming more and more important today is finding the right Internet connection for the business. A residential Internet connection is much different than most business connections so it is vital that you choose the right one that will suit all your needs. Internet T1 is a leading Internet Service Provider serving businesses in Los Angeles and beyond.